The PASC Committee

The  committee consists of a number of parents of members along with some other members who have been involved with the club over the years.  The committees primary role, is to help run the club and make democratic decisions to benefit the club in the long term.   As every club is.....we are always looking for people to join us and share the load.  Please don't be shy!!!

Read our constitution, by clicking here.

Committee members:-

  • President [Lesley Scott]
  • Vice President [vacant]
  • Treasurer [Joanne Campbell]
  • Secretary [James and Gillian Woodward]
  • Gala Fees Treasurer [Scott Creelie]
  • Swimming Convenor []
  • Senior Water Polo Convenor [vacant]
  • Junior Water Polo Convenor [Liz Henderson]
  • Pool Convenor [Rosey Cristaudo]
  • Swim Coaches Convenor [Andy May] 
  • Social Convenor [Catherine Bell]
  • Child Protection Officer(s) [Sharon Turner, Keith Anderson, Roddy Hardy]
  • Membership Secretary [Liz Henderson]
  • Gala Convener [vacant]

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